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When Worlds Collide (pt. 2): mix-n-mesh


Or, when worlds collage…

In yesterday’s post I promised to discuss my favorite feature in the beta version of the 3D web browser Exit Reality. This was the discovery: as a way to create rich 3D worlds quickly, you can stack worlds and models — and their accompanying scripts and animations — inside of each other, all inside one browser window. The Exit Reality 3D search provides a rich source of 3D objects and worlds; you simply drag-and-drop them from the search results into your open world-window.

The collage effect is less of a mess than you might expect, despite differing scales and environment settings. Or OK, it’s a mess, but an interesting mess.

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The prolonged silence on this blog was due to my presence at CHI 2009, with its impoverished internet connectivity. It was a good conference none the less, one of the highlights of which was the Video Showcase program. I am sure other videos from this program will soon appear on YouTube, but for now, here’s the first one they showed:

It won First Place in its category (Best use of Jonathan Grudin’s head, or some such), and is truly funny.

Disclaimer: I didn’t have anything to do with the creation of this video, although I had been involved in building some digital ink interfaces in the 90s. The video was created by the following people:

Michael Bernstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul André, University of Southampton
Kurt Luther, Georgia Institute of Technology
Erin Treacy Solovey, Tufts University
Erika Poole, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sharoda A. Paul, Pennsylvania State University
Shaun K. Kane, University of Washington
Jonathan Grudin, Microsoft Research

Creating an iAbbreviation: SFMI


Fairly recently I became one of those iPhone types. You know the ones – gaze ever downwards, fingers poised to pinch or pick or tap-tap.  I love the thing, though I’m not sure I love what I’ve become with it. Continue Reading