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TalkMiner update


Since its debut a few months ago, TalkMiner has been busily crawling the web and indexing all sorts of talks and lectures. In the mean time we engaging in some self-promotion. As the press release details, we’ve now indexed over 15,000 talks, so there is likely to be something for everyone here, whether you’re into 3D models, or big data.

So when you think about turning to YouTube for some lecture, think TalkMiner instead. And if you have any comments or content you’d like to have indexed, let us know.


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While many of the systems we build at FXPAL are either deployed internally or transferred to our parent company, in some cases we get to deploy them in the real world. This week, we released TalkMiner, a system for indexing and searching video of lecture broadcasts. We’ve indexed broadcasts from a variety of sources, including the U.C. Berkeley webcast.berkeley site, the site, and various channels on YouTube, including Google Tech Talks, Stanford University, MIT Open Courseware, O’Reilly Media, TED Talks, and NPTEL Indian Institute of Technology.

But all of these videos are already indexed by web search engines, you say; why do we need TalkMiner?

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