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Active capture at ACM MM 2010


FXPAL has a few papers appearing at the upcoming ACM Multimedia Conference in Firenze, Italy.  Among them is NudgeCam, which was recently featured in an article on MIT’s Technology Review as noted previously on this very blog.

NudgeCam is an experiment in “active capture”. Media capture (in this case, photos and videos) is enhanced by providing a template of elements to capture and also real-time interactive tips to aid the quality of each shot or clip.  The template allows the author to insure that essential story components are captured, and the realtime feedback helps insure that the parts are of high quality. Together the creation of high quality result is streamlined.

The author, Scott Carter, will be presenting this work on Tuesday, October 26th in Session S1 at ACM Multimedia in Firenze, Italy.

See you there!

Nudging the world toward better pictures and video

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An excellent article on FXPAL’s NudgeCam application recently appeared in MIT’s Technology Review. NudgeCam encapsulates standard video capture heuristics, such as how to frame a face and good brightness characteristics, in order to provide guidance to users as they are taking video, using image analysis techniques such as face recognition,  as to how to adjust the camera to improve the video capture.

For its size, FXPAL has surprising breadth and variety of expertise. The NudgeCam work resulted from a collaboration between Scott Carter, whose expertise is in mobile and ubiquitous computing,  and John Doherty, our multimedia specialist, who knows all the standard video capture heuristics and many more. John Adcock brought image analysis techniques to the team, and 2009 FXPAL summer intern Stacy Branham contributed her human-computer interaction expertise.

A different application, also developed at FXPAL, supports rephotography in an industrial setting. Rephotography is the art of taking a photograph from the same location and angle as a previous photograph. Continue Reading