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Revisualizing a past FXPAL researcher

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Traces of Gold, by Chris Culy

Traces of Gold, by Chris Culy

Chris Culy, who worked on discourse parsing at FXPAL a number of years ago, is now in Italy working as a Senior Researcher and the Language Technologies Technical Officer at the Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism. He oversees language-related software development and leads a research project on linguistic data visualization. But the real excitement is that he has a solo art show, Revisualizing the visual, opening today.  His work combines his  interest in photography with his  interest in how information is structured and perceived. The software he has written to support his work transforms colors into shapes or uses color information to create rambling colorful paths based on the image. To create effective artworks, Chris carefully chooses the original photograph and tunes the algorithms to it. Don’t miss the video that shows some of this process in action!

When Worlds Collide (pt. 2): mix-n-mesh


Or, when worlds collage…

In yesterday’s post I promised to discuss my favorite feature in the beta version of the 3D web browser Exit Reality. This was the discovery: as a way to create rich 3D worlds quickly, you can stack worlds and models — and their accompanying scripts and animations — inside of each other, all inside one browser window. The Exit Reality 3D search provides a rich source of 3D objects and worlds; you simply drag-and-drop them from the search results into your open world-window.

The collage effect is less of a mess than you might expect, despite differing scales and environment settings. Or OK, it’s a mess, but an interesting mess.

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