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I was going to wait until we hit 100 legitimate comments to make the math easier, but we are close, and many of our usual posters are at CHI, so I’ll report now.

Along with the 89 real comments we’ve gotten 2537 spam comments.   I’ll be generous and call that 3.4% real comments.

Most of the spam is for online medications, and we filter those out by script.   (Note:  If you really want to comment about Viagra or Phenteramine, I think you are out of luck here.)   We get a few of the “Nice site!” comments, often not in English.

Scattered attempts are made to get links back to sites that are likely legitimate.   One conference about Scalability posted just a link back to their conference site in a collaborative search thread.  If they had made a comment tying them together, great.  But they should have put in a little effort.  Similarly, the baby name search site posting a link back in the Search Challenge thread – write 20 words and it isn’t spam.

Sometimes it is hard to tell.   There are some longer “I like the site and the conversation and everything” posts.   They add nothing to the threads they are in, so they don’t show up.

Those who know me may think that it is a bit hypocritical for me to say “write a bit more, try a little harder”.  They’d be right.   Maybe I’ll post a few spam comments to one of Gene’s posts……

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  1. John Boreczky says:

    Cool! We’re around Pi percentage now. We’ve got 89 real and 2744 spam comments, which is 3.1415%.

  2. Coming up next: e

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