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Over the past six years of the HCIR series of meetings, we’ve accumulated a number of publications. We’ve had a series of reports about the meetings, papers published in the ACM Digital Library, and an up-coming Special Issue of IP&M. In the run-up to this year’s event (stay tuned!), I decided it might be useful to consolidate these publications in one place. Hence, we now have the HCIR Publications page.

The goal of this page is two-fold:

  • To collect references to archival publications that were either published directly through in an HCIR meeting (e.g., HCIR 2012 full papers), or as a direct result of activities organized at the meeting (e.g., IP&M Special Issue).
  • To collect reports and publications about the meetings written by the organizers or others, such as the SIGIR Forum reports.

The hope is that this page will make it easier to find recent papers on HCIR, and that it will make the HCIR site more findable.

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