Mining the Video Past of Future Research: Is it worth a look?


Hi FXPAL blogosphere. Among the odds and ends I do at FXPAL is help people present their works with video. It also falls to me to archive the videos themselves. As I periodically move the video to new storage servers, I tend to look over “the old family album.” Our family is in the business of looking ahead at technology, so our album is pretty much all about that. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. (One thing for sure about trying to make sense of the future is that the future’s judgement is pretty clear – once you get there.)

Among many other things, looking at family albums starts conversations. So here is the first installment in starting a blog conversation with these archive videos at the center. Where will it lead? Well, that’s what blogging is kind of good at, is it not?

Let’s start with xLibris: The Active Reading Machine (1998). xLibris is an experiment in “active reading,” which includes the ability to mark up digital text with digital ink, monitors the annotations and uses them to organize and search for related information. Pardon the unfortunate complaint on the comments section: for some reason, this complaint is on our YouTube page without our permission and cannot seem to be removed – even though it has nothing to do with the video. (Maybe YouTube’s limitations are a conversation starter….?) Anyway, enjoy. – John Doherty

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