Want to help make computer science history?


Scott Aaronson has been asked by MIT to put together a list of the top 150 events in computer science history as part of the celebration of MIT’s 150th anniversary. You can vote on the potential entries here (you will need to register by providing a login name, password, and e-mail address). For more information about the project, see this blog post which includes an early version of the list, and a more recent blog post of his on the subject.

I’ve mentioned some of Scott’s work before, in a post about classical computer science results inspired by quantum information processing, and in a post on an overview of  quantum computing for technology managers I wrote a couple of years ago. His results don’t make it into the top 150 computer science results of all time, but are good candidates for a list of the top 150 results of the last decade.

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  2. Scott Aaronson has announced the results of the vote on the top 150 events in computer science history.

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