An exploration of cross-media interaction


One of FXPAL’s papers at the ACM Multimedia conference this year describes FACT, an interactive paper system for fine-grained interaction with documents. The FACT system consists of a small camera-projector unit, a laptop, and ordinary paper documents. The system works as follows: a user makes pen gestures on a paper document in the view a of a camera-projector unit. FACT processes these gestures to select fine-grained content and to apply various digital functions. For example, the user can choose individual words, symbols, figures, and arbitrary regions for keyword search, copy and paste, web search, and remote sharing. FACT thus enables a computer-like user experience on paper. This paper interaction can be integrated with laptop interaction for cross-media manipulations on multiple documents and views. FACT can be used in the application areas such as document manipulation, map navigation and remote collaboration.

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