IP&M Special Issue on Collaborative Information Seeking


I am pleased to announce that the Special Issue on Collaborative Information Seeking of Information Processing & Management is finally (almost) published. That is, it will be published on paper as the November 2010 issue, but is available online now. Congratulations to all the authors for their hard work and for their patience with the publication process!

I wrote about the issue in the spring, when the set of papers had been finalized. That post also included something of a categorization of the papers.  Here I just reproduce the links from the table of contents of the issue:

Introduction to the special issue
Pages 629-631
Gene Golovchinsky, Meredith Ringel Morris, Jeremy Pickens

Social and interactional practices for disseminating current awareness information in an organisational setting
Pages 632-645
Simon Attfield, Ann Blandford, Stephann Makri

Breakdowns in collaborative information seeking: A study of the medication process
Pages 646-655
Morten Hertzum

An elaborated model of social search
Pages 656-678
Brynn M. Evans, Ed H. Chi

Do your friends make you smarter?: An analysis of social strategies in online information seeking
Pages 679-692
Brynn M. Evans, Sanjay Kairam, Peter Pirolli

Microcollaborations in a social Q&A community
Pages 693-702
Rich Gazan

Search on surfaces: Exploring the potential of interactive tabletops for collaborative search tasks
Pages 703-717
Meredith Ringel Morris, Danyel Fisher, Daniel Wigdor

Evaluating collaborative information-seeking interfaces with a search-oriented inspection method and re-framed information seeking theory
Pages 718-732
Max L. Wilson, m.c. schraefel

An asynchronous collaborative search system for online video search
Pages 733-748
Martin Halvey, David Vallet, David Hannah, Yue Feng, Joemon M. Jose

CIRLab: A groupware framework for collaborative information retrieval research
Pages 749-761
Juan M. Fernández-Luna, Juan F. Huete, Ramiro Pérez-Vázquez, Julio C. Rodrı´guez-Cano

Division of labour and sharing of knowledge for synchronous collaborative information retrieval
Pages 762-772
Colum Foley, Alan F. Smeaton

Role-based results redistribution for collaborative information retrieval
Pages 773-781
Chirag Shah, Jeremy Pickens, Gene Golovchinsky

Social summarization in collaborative web search
Pages 782-798
Oisı´n Boydell, Barry Smyth

Please note: The links in the above list point to the Science Direct site. If you do not have site license for IP&M, these articles will cost you on the order of $34 each, but you can get them for free by asking the authors nicely. Technically, IP&M’s policy prevents these authors from putting the PDF of the article on their publication list, but does not prevent them from sending a copy to those who ask for it.

Please let us know if you have any comments on the issue, on the papers, on the ideas, etc. And don’t forget to cite them in your next paper!

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