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The BooksOnline’10 workshop to be held in conjunction with the CIKM 2010 conference in Toronto this fall will include keynote addresses by James Crawford (Google Books) and by John Ockerbloom (University of Pennsylvania). It will also feature the following papers, which will ultimately appear in the ACM Digital Library.

  • HCI Design Principles for eReaders. Jennifer Pearson (Swansea University), George Buchanan (City University) and Harold Thimbleby (Swansea University)
  • The sBook: Towards Social and Personalized Learning Experiences. Myriam Ribière, Jérome Picault and Sylvain Squedin (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France)
  • Real-Time Document Collaboration Using iPads. Jennifer Pearson (Swansea University) and George Buchanan (City University)
  • Ebooks Children Would Want to Read and Engage with. Monica Landoni (University of Lugano)
  • A System for the Collaborative Reading of Digital Books with the Partially Sighted. W. Xavier Snelgrove and Ronald M. Baecker (University of Toronto)
  • Implementing New Knowledge Environments: Building Upon Research Foundations to Understand Books and Reading in the Digital Age. Ray Siemens and Julie Meloni (University of Victoria)
  • Working with First Nations: On-Demand Book Service. Nadia Caidi and Margaret Lam (University of Toronto)
  • Biblioteca de Livros Digitais: The Privileged Space of a Transliterate Experience. Fernanda Bonacho (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • The Active Reading Task for Evaluating E-books. Monica Landoni (University of Lugano)

This promises to be an exciting batch of papers, and I am looking forward to the discussion at the workshop.

For those interested in participating, note that the workshop will accept poster submissions through September 30, 2010:

We solicit posters (no page limit) describing last minute results, new ideas and research directions, latest developments, and project proposals to be presented at the workshop. Please note that posters will not appear in the workshop proceedings, published by ACM, but will be posted on the workshop website and disseminated at the workshop. The purpose of these posters is to attract community attention, leading to possible collaborations. Project proposals will also be considered for the £3,000 seed fund.

James Crawford (Google Books)James Crawford (Google Books)

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