Recently I joined the editorial board (web site) for Communications of the ACM (CACM), ACM’s flagship magazine. While ACM members are certainly familiar with the glossy, printed copies delivered through the mail, some of you might not know that issues (and their individual articles) are also available digitally in several different formats.

In the list that follows, I link to the resource home pages when those are available, and to exemplar articles when that’s more convenient.

  • A digital edition of the magazine is available from the ACM Digital Library. This is a flash-based viewer showing exact page renderings of the printed edition along with a table of contents and other navigation aids. The viewer has options for 1-up or 2-up displays (2-up works well on a large wide-screen monitor), and allows you to share, print & download content.
  • An HTML version, reachable through the through the magazine web site, offers some free content, but requires member sign-in for full articles.
  • Another, simpler, HTML version, available through the Digital Library, is suitable for viewing on a range of devices.
  • A PDF version, available either through the Digital Library or from the CACM web site, and
  • The CACM web site, launched in late 2009, that offers access to the issues from the DL, and to much additional content that is not available elsewhere from the ACM. Content here changes daily, and there is a handy Twitter account (@CACMmag) to tell you when new content has been added.

The online editions of CACM also feature the Virtual Extension, a collection of articles that are featured only as abstracts in the print edition.

This range of formats is designed to fit different reading styles and information needs, whether you are accessing the magazine on paper, through your desktop or laptop, or on a dedicated reading device.

In the coming months, we will be working on updating the web site based on user feedback (and more feedback is always welcome, whether through this blog or by sending email to CACM. There are also plans afoot to publish an e-pub edition suitable for reading with e-reader software such as Amazon’s Kindle, and (my personal favorite) may be even an iPad version. Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations! That’s great news.

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