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It seems that the Twitter API function that returns¬† @mentions fails to return new-style retweets. I discovered this by accident after seeing references to tweets on my blog that TweetDeck didn’t show me in the @mentions column. I then looked on the Twitter site, and saw the same behavior there.

This seems like yet another problem with the RT API, and, like the lack of ability to add comments to a new style retweet, this behavior also seems unwarranted. It doesn’t really complicate the system to include new-style RTs of one’s tweets in @mentions, and it certainly makes for a more consistent interface.

If Twitter doesn’t fix it API, perhaps the good folks at TweetDeck could inject those missing tweets into the @mentions stream.

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  2. I noticed this problem when I started using Notifo to receive mentions as push notifications on my iPod. It actually finds RT’s through the new API in addition to standard @mentions. Both Tweetie for the desktop and iPhone fail to show the new style RT’s, despite the fact that Tweetie for iPhone uses the new API to send RT’s. Very weird.

  3. Ramanujam says:

    We had the same problem while doing our study. We figured it out only while scrapping the tweets. Initially we thought of including those RTs by manually scanning the 10000+ tweets but later left out as it was too tedious.

    Hopefully twitter fixes it soon

  4. @nirmal Yeah, I hadn’t gotten around to testing different clients (and probably won’t!) but I figured that Twitter’s web UI should be using the APIs correctly!

    @ramanujam I suppose that using the follower graph one could try to find the retweets, but it’s tedious and the API doesn’t make it easy. The retweets API requires you to test specific tweets, one at a time, which is wasteful of everyone’s resources. retweets_of_me requires the app to be authenticated as a specific user, which makes sense for some apps, but not for all.

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