Microblogging workshop talk


Yesterday Miles Efron and I presented our work on Twitter search at the CHI 2010 microblogging workshop.We distinguished between macro- and micro-level research on  Twitter, and then focused on Twitter search from the end-user’s perspective. We talked about the role that test collections should play in evaluation of search interfaces. The slides are shown below.

It was fun to give the ignite talk, and a bit challenging without really rehearsing. It was also fun to put together a largely image-based slide deck: 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Part of the challenge of putting the deck together was finding Flickr images that illustrate the point in an amusing way. In some cases, I was able to use my own images, but the rest I had to find. In retrospect, I should have kept a log of my queries to document the search process.

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