Exploratory search session at CHI 2010


I will be chairing the session on exploratory search at CHI 2010. The session, which features a best paper award winner and a best paper nominee, will take place Monday morning after the opening plenary session. The session consists of three papers:

Reactive Information Foraging for Evolving Goals
by Joseph Lawrance, Margaret Burnett, Rachel Bellamy, Christopher Bogart, and Calvin Swart

[Best paper] How does search behavior change as search becomes more difficult?
Anne Aula, Rehan M. Khan, and Zhiwei Guan

[Best paper nominee] Effects of Popularity and Quality on the Usage of Query Suggestions during Information Search
Diane Kelly, Amber Cushing, Maureen Dostert, Xi Niu, and Karl Gyllstrom

I will comment on the papers in the next few days, but for now I will point out that abstracts to these, and other CHI 2010 papers, are available through the iPhone app, or through Nirmal Patel’s CHI2010 web site. The web site has an interesting search function that highlights sessions that match the keywords you enter. This is really more of a browsing aid rather than traditional search, but it can be handy when looking for specific keywords, authors, or a particular paper. It’s less useful for finding references to broader topics (say, information seeking) because the vocabulary is too unpredictable given the small corpus.

Nonetheless, I was able to identify some promising sessions related to Exploratory Search by trying several different queries. Thus, we have:

  • The Age of Searching
  • Browsing
  • Sharing Content and Searches
  • Sharing in Social Media

I can’t link to these sessions directly (design hint for next year!) but you should be able to search for them on Normal’s CHI2010 site.

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  1. Wish I could be there. That sounds like an awesome session!

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