Emerging Languages FaceOff: EmTech SIG in Palo Alto Wednesday evening (tonight)


For the language geeks out there, this month’s SDForum Emerging Technology SIG looks interesting.

A panel of experts faces off over the relative strengths and weaknesses of three emerging languages – Clojure, Scala, and Go – and one “benchmark” language – Ruby. Details:

Meeting details:
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM March 10, 2010 (presentations start at 7 pm)
Pillsbury Winthrop
2475 Hanover St.
Palo Alto, CA

Clojure advocate – Amit Rathore, author of the forthcoming “Clojure In Action”

Go advocate – Robert Griesemer, Google, co-author of Go

Scala advocate – David Pollak, lead author of Lift

Ruby advocate – Evan Phoenix, lead developer of Rubinius, a high performance Ruby VM

Moderator – Steve Mezak, co-chair of the SDForum Software Architecture and Modeling SIG, author of Software without Borders

Note: our discussion will focus on the languages themselves, but questions about related frameworks like Lift and Rails are still in bounds.

For those wanting a brief intro to each language before the meeting, we recommend:

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