Your house as your own power and gas station


We have a continuing interest in alternative energy sources and other green technologies. I’m intrigued by this article at on new solar-based fuel cell technology coming out from MIT chemist Dan Nocera. Why it’s cool:

With one bottle of drinking water and four hours of sunlight, MIT chemist Dan Nocera claims that he can produce 30 KWh of electricity, which is enough to power an entire household in the developing world. With about three gallons of river water, he could satisfy the daily energy needs of a large American home. The key to these claims is a new, affordable catalyst that uses solar electricity to split water and generate hydrogen.

Nocera’s new company, Cambridge-based Sun Catalytix, recently received funding through the new ARPA-E agency that was created by the US government to promote the development of advanced energy technologies. Take a look:

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