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This is one in a series of posts advertising internship positions at FXPAL for the summer of 2010. A listing of all internship positions currently posted is available here.

FXPAL’s information technology team is looking for an intern who can work with the team to help evaluate and develop a number of virtualization technologies for deployment within the lab as well as in select research prototypes.

We currently have two projects, one to evaluate VMWare View Desktop Virtualization, and the other to develop user-facing VM Management & Monitoring applications. (You can apply for one or for both positions.)Project 1: Evaluate VMWare View Desktop Virtualization

Goal: Deploy VMWare infrastructure in Lab on at least 2 blade servers.  Deploy virtual desktop for at least 2 users – 1 admin function and 1 research/development function.  Evaluate functionality on FXPAL’s LAN, as a VPN client and as a disconnected client.  Evaluate client user experience (video , sound, USB, CD/DVD), network limitations/impact, security and impact of encryption.  Evaluate management tools including server to server migration, single image deployment, individual image deployment, ability to add virtual resources to a user’s environment.

Required Skills: Could be undergraduate.  OS installation and configuration: Windows, Linux, Mac. Basic understanding of IP networking, V-LANs, Routers & Switching, VPN technologies (IPSEC and SSL).  Knowledge of network monitoring tools, SNMP.  Basic programming skills, C#, Java, HTML, DBMS.

Project 2: Develop user facing VM Management & Monitoring Applications

Goal: Provide FXPAL Researchers and Developers a means of self serving VM instances – with limitations, something similar to Amazon’s AWS.  Role based authentication to limit certain functions to certain users.  Anticipated application functions: list my VMs, monitor my VMs, Power off/on my VMs, Reboot, Force power off or reboot.  Chart statistics for memory usage, processor utilization, network bandwidth, etc.  Possibly extension of prior work that will be done to monitor VMs in select FXPAL research prototypes.  (Note: Citrix does provide a management tool, but it doesn’t do any authentication or role based control – that’s a must for deployment for the Researchers).  Architecture should be such that the virtualization technology underlying the solution is irrelevant to the end user.

Skills: Intermediate programming skills in Java, Groovy/Grails, DBMS, HTML/CSS.  OS installation and configuration: Windows, Linux, Mac .  Knowledge of virtualization technologies a plus, particularly Citrix.

For more information on how to apply for this intern position the, please visit our web site.

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