CFP: IIiX 2010


If you are doing research in interactive information retrieval, information seeking, collaborative search, and the like (that is, you’re concerned with what users do when they look for information), you might consider submitting¬† paper to IIiX 2010.

IIiX will explore the relationships between the contexts that affect information retrieval and information seeking, how these contexts impact information behavior, and how knowledge of information contexts and information behaviors can help design truly interactive information systems.

The conference is designed to bring together research on information seeking behavior, interaction and user interface design, and system design. The goal is to balance system building (which is typically well-represented at conferences such as SIGIR and CIKM) with more user-focused exploration. User-centered topics include

  • Interactive information retrieval and interface issues
  • Relevance feedback (implicit & explicit) and query modification issues for capturing context
  • Novel approaches to eliciting, identifying, capturing and representing contextual information
  • Task-based interactive information retrieval and information seeking behavior
  • Personalized and collaborative information access in context
  • Contextual information interaction theory

In case you are wondering where the user-centered focus is coming from, take a look at the organizers: Nick Belkin is the general chair, and Diane Kelly (a former FXPAL intern!) is the program chair. As an added bonus, the HCIR workshop is co-located with IIiX this year.

Submission deadline is April 11, and the conference takes place August 18-22 at Rutgers University.

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