Ghosts of interns past


In the past 15 years, FXPAL has hosted a large number of interns, many of whom have become (even more) prominent in their fields. We will soon be recruiting a new crop of interns, and I thought it would be interesting to dig around a bit and see what people are up to these days. A few are now employees at FXPAL. What about the others?

This list includes only those people for whom I easily found a current page with an explicit professional affiliation. There are many others who are flying below my radar.

Year Person Current position
1996 Eleanor Rieffel Sr. Research Scientist, FXPAL
1996 Jennifer Mankoff Associate Professor in the Human Computer Interaction Institute, CMU
1997 Richard C. Davis Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University
1997 Katy Ly Senior Database Engineer/Team Lead, Gracenote
1997 Jacek Gwizdka Assistant Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University
1998 Jason Hong Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction Institute, CMU
1999 Chris Callison-Burch Assistant research professor, Computer Science Department, Johns Hopkins University
1999 Davor Čubranić Software Engineer at SAP Business Objects, Vancouver
1999 Florian “Floyd” Müller
2001 Khai N. Truong Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto.
2001 Luis Francisco-Revilla Assistant Professor, iSchool, UT Austin
2001 Diane Kelly Associate Professor, SILS, UNC
2001 Jeremy Kubica Software Engineer / Manager, Google
2002 and 2003 Chunyuan Liao Research Scientist, FXPAL
2002 Lorenzo Thione Founder of Powerset Inc., Technology Entrepreneur & Theatrical Producer
2003 Maryam Kamvar Research Scientist, Google
2003 Scott Carter Research Scientist, FXPAL
2003 Hangjin Zhang PhD candidate, UCSB
2004 Ana Ramírez Chang User Experience Engineer, Oracle
2004 Ting Liu Engineer, Google
2004 Dan “Monzy” Maynes-Aminzade Engineer, Google
2004 SangHo Yoon PhD Candidate, Stanford University
2005 Robert Ming-yu Chen PhD Candidate, CMU
2005 Dalibor Hrg
2005 Aditya Johri Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Virginia Tech
2005 Violeta Seretan Lecturer, University of Geneva
2006 and 2007 Helen Hwang Student, UCLA School of Law
2006 Bess Berg PhD candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2006 Kandha Sankarapandian Software Engineer, FXPAL
2006 Nick Diakopoulos CI Fellow Post Doc at Rutgers University
2007 Chirag Shah PhD candidate at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2007 Tao Ni PhD candidate at Virginia Tech
2007 Abhinav Gupta Postdoctoral Fellow at CMU
2007 Lisa Anthony Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin
2007 Pavel Korshunov PhD candidate at National University of Singapore
2007 Dong Wang Researcher, IBM China
2008 Arttu Perttula Researcher, Tampere University of Technology
2008 Chong Chen PhD candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago
2008 Yijuan (Lucy) Lu Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science, Texas State University
2008 Colum Foley Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Digital Video Processing, Dublin City University
2009 Stacy Branham PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech
2009 Henry Hao Tang PhD candidate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIUC
2009 Hamed Pirsiavash PhD candidate, Department of Computer Science, UC Irvine
2009 Kathleen Tuite PhD candidate, Department of Computer Science, University of Washington

If you were an intern or visiting scientist here, and do not appear on this list, please let me know where you are now and I will happily update it. If you do not want to appear in this rogues’ gallery, please let me know as well.

If you would like to be added to future versions of this list, please consider applying for an internship for 2010. A more formal call for interns is forthcoming, but this might be a good time to start thinking about it.

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