NSF-funded digital library?


According to a press release from Johns Hopkins (via @pentcheff), its library “received a $300,000 grant from NSF to study the feasibility of developing, operating and sustaining an open access repository of articles from NSF-sponsored research.” This grant was inspired by NLM’s PubMedCentral repository of NIH-funded medical research. This is interesting from the perspective of HCIR because if the precedent holds, this collection will be publicly searchable and downloadable, making it a good candidate as a research collection.

Another interesting–and more controversial–implication is the issue of copyright: given that a large chunk of research published by the ACM, over which ACM currently claims copyright. Will the NSF require these to be included? Will the ACM release the publications, or will it just provide metadata and keep the full papers hidden in the ACM DL? It will be interesting to see how JHU goes about identifying the stakeholders for this activity.

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