Workshop: Virtual Worlds in 2020


A quick pointer to a workshop sponsored by SDForum’s Virtual Worlds SIG  (which I co-chair along with Bob Ketner of The Tech and  Eilif Trondsen of SRI-BI):

The “Virtual Worlds in 2020” Workshop
Palo Alto, CA
Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009

From the program description:
This is the 3rd annual “Future of Virtual Worlds” session – the Virtual Worlds in 2020 Workshop. This year it’s an interactive workshop where you can bring ideas, input, and questions for a rare, long term view of virtual worlds, at the Virtual Worlds SIG.

In just a few weeks we enter a new decade equipped with abilities that existed only in science fiction a few years ago. Although plans for using using graphical, collaborative virtual worlds predate the internet itself by many years, many advances in productivity remain unclaimed. It’s time now to take a look ahead. This workshop will produce a set of inputs showing what might be possible – along with a list of challenges to be overcome along the way over the next decade.

Some questions to consider:
– What must virtual worlds eventually do that they do not do now?
– What known changes will have the most impact on virtual worlds between now and 2020?
– What hurdles must be overcome to enable more collaborative virtual worlds?
– What goals should virtual world developers be most focused on in coming years?

Kicking off this workshop will be an introductory demo of Meeting Labs , a new offering from Forterra Systems, by Laura Kusumoto, VP Forterra Studios and Chris Badger, VP, Marketing.

We will then break into discussion groups to outline some of the most crucial factors for virtual worlds between now and 2020, within a format of distinct scenarios. Leading discussion and breakout groups we will be joined by other leaders in the virtual world space such as Michael Gialis of Project Wonderland at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and others to be confirmed.

Have questions of your own? Bring them on! Have ideas about solving challenges facing virtual worlds? Meet others interested in the same. An online form is available for your advance input and results will be posted from the workshop.

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM October 13, 2009
Pillsbury Winthrop
2475 Hanover St.
Palo Alto, CA

$15 at the door for non-SDForum members
No charge for SDForum members
No registration required

6:30 PM Registration and Networking
7:00 PM -8:40 PM Presentations

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