The End of Summer, and Building Rome in a Day


Over the last few weeks we have been sad to see our great crop of summer interns leave. Yesterday, my intern, Kathleen Tuite, left, and also, coincidentally, Slashdot picked up a project related closely related to her graduate work. Check out the Building Rome in a Day website to see videos of point cloud models for landmark buildings. The system her colleagues at the University of Washington built makes these models from millions of photographs found on Flickr.

Also check out a very early version of Kathleen’s cool Photocity game that complements the Building Rome in a Day work. The game encourages people to take photos that will help fill in point cloud models, so the photos collected as people play her game will improve the Building Rome in a Day  results. Conversely, her project involves managing many more photos than an average Photosynth so she will be borrowing and building on the technologies developed by Sameer Agarwal, Yasutaka Furukawa, and the rest of the Building Rome in a Day team.

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  1. Very cool project!

    This reminds me of a very cool item that appeared in the Wall Street Journal a few months ago. A team of “citizen snoops” led by a George Mason University doctoral student used photographs (among other sources) in a similar way to reconstruct many sites in North Korea that were off limits to Google Earth and pretty much everyone else.

    I suspect that the methodology was at least generally similar. Here’s the article from the

    You can download the project “North Korea Uncovered” at:

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