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Marti Hearst‘s new book, Search User Interfaces, is out, as Daniel Tunkelang reported earlier. The book covers a range of topics related to interaction around information seeking, including topics such as design, evaluation, models of information seeking, query reformulation, etc. It also discusses emerging trends: Mobile Search Interfaces, Multimedia (although this field has arguably been around long enough to no longer be emerging), Social Search, and natural-language queries. The Social Search section discusses collaborative filtering, recommendation systems, and collaborative search, describing several systems along the full range of depth of mediation.

Marti’s book joins a parade of other recent publications related to information retrieval, including:

The list is quite ad hoc, and I am sure I missed more than one relevant title. But the point is that this is a field that is generating interest and (presumably) selling books. Search User Interfaces brings a welcome complementary perspective, focusing on interaction around information seeking rather than predominantly on the algorithms that facilitate the actual indexing and retrieval, which are well covered in the list above. I am also thrilled that the publishers saw fit to make it available online, as it will be an invaluable reference for prior work in this area.

Update: Daniel Tunkelang’s book is available now from the publisher.
Update: Fixed a bunch of HTML nonsense in the above list.

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  1. Thanks for including me on a great list! But I do want to correct the date–the book is available now, at least from the publisher:

  2. In addition to a few FXPAL references in the Marti’s bibliography, we also managed a couple of image reprints in Chapter 12.
    The MediaMagic interface is pictured in Figure 12.8 and an audio browsing interface by Lynn Wilcox and Don Kimber is pictured in Figure 12.11.

  3. I want to thank you folks for giving permission to use those images … and for doing the cutting-edge research that I describe in that emerging trends chapter.

    This is a great list of related book. I have to admit that I didn’t know about all of them when I wrote the preface to my book. It just shows I was buried in the journal and conference literature more than looking at books. Ironic given I was writing a book.

  4. Marti, thanks for making it available online! Sets a nice precedent!

  5. […] Hearst recently gave a talk at Google related to the themes in her book. She does a good job of explaining the challenges and opportunities related to interactive […]

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