Science of Chocolate on KQED tonight


No, really, it’s on the TV schedule this time (a couple of weeks ago the show got pre-empted for a pledge drive): You can get a look at our Virtual Factory and some of our molecular dynamics animations on “The Science of Chocolate” which is showing tonight on Channel 9 (in the Bay Area) as part of the KQED Quest series. The story is focused on the hows and whys of chocolate making, not on our Virtual Factory project, but it’s still fun to see some of our work on the air.

Model of a theobromone molecule

Model of a theobromine molecule

All these 3D models and animations were created by FXPAL’s resident Art Guy, Tony Dunnigan, with Sagar Gattepally handling the virtual world construction; the video embedded in-world was shot by John Doherty.

The show is on tonight, June 16 at 7:30PM on KQED, Channel 9; will repeat at 1:30 AM Wednesday June 17; and should also commence streaming on the KQED web site as of tomorrow. It looks like the “Science of Chocolate ” story is one of two stories in this show.

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