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Learning to apply the DMCA


Panos Ipeirotis posted a great, (unintentionally) funny letter one of his students received from some clueless person claiming that the student’s site warrants a DMCA take-down because it allegedly deprived another similar site of $0.52/day in revenue by affecting its page ranking in some search results.

The letter Panos quotes is worth reading for its sheer comedic value; it is hard to imagine a better parody of a DMCA take-down notice. Unfortunately for all of us, however, the DMCA is invoked with similar justification with much larger sums of money at stake, and with much less humorous outcomes.

Guide to reading reviews

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For the upcoming rebuttals of CHI, it might be useful to understand what the reviewers really mean when writing their reviews. This year as I read with interest the reviews of my fellow reviewers, maybe due to my growing experience, or maybe because of the late hour reviewing, I started to see something new in the reviews: the hidden messages. Below is a collection of this years’ CHI, CSCW and past years’ CHI review’s opening remarks with possible interpretations.

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“Hey Mike we’ve decided to develop a new product!”

“Hmm, I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry, it’s taken directly from Apple’s playbook.”

“Neat! what should we call it?”

Facebook UX, an analogy

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This may be old news to some of the true social media junkies, but thanks to Gentry Underwood’s PARC forum today, I saw a great video analogy for the Facebook interaction style. Enjoy.

The video is made by a British comedy group called Idiots of Ants; the pun becomes evident when the group’s name is pronounced with a British accent.

Rapid evolution of social media has its drawbacks

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(Please be aware that some ChatRoulette links may contain mature content.)

Dear me. All those folks doing naughty things on ChatRoulette, secure in their Net-anonymity, may suddenly meet a rude awakening: Chat Roulette Map, a new Google Maps mash-up, maps users’ chat image to their location, based on IP address. Last week, it also showed users’ ip addresses.

Note that Chat Roulette Map has just added a new pop-up window when you first load the page:

Welcome To Chat Roulette Map
We’d like to advise to stop using
student’s names in their hostnames.

We’ve decided, at least for the time being, to
hide IP & host information as some user-identifiable
information was found in some entries.

No, you think? It’ll be interesting to see how this warning window evolves over the next few weeks.

The mystery of the Nook

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December 10. Could not open box. Tried several times.

December 11. Co-worker took it to get charged. When she brought it back, Walt Whitman’s picture replaced the lady who was displayed earlier.

December 12. Could not turn on device. Accidentally discovered cable and plug in the packaging. Charged overnight through my laptop.

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