Blog Author: John Boreczky

New look for FXPAL web sites


Our Home Page and this Blog have a new look. It is less blue, more orange, and doesn’t have a picture of our old building on it. In theory, it also works much better on mobile devices. The home page seems to behave quite nicely. Webmaster is still working on the blog here – searching, author and category links, and the like will get better soon. But you can see posts, and our brilliant researchers can create posts. Thanks for your patience.

Sorry for the down time and happy anniversary


We moved into our new building about 2 years ago.  Long enough ago that we have quite a few energetic new employees that don’t know that we were ever anywhere else.   But the “new” place is nice, and getting better, and worthy of celebrating, at least in a little way.

I was thinking of bringing in donuts on Monday to celebrate, in order to follow one of Gene’s bagel rules:  If you want donuts, you have to get them yourself.   However, hard drives play by their own rules.

The FXPAL Blog is one of the few web servers we have that ran directly on server hardware, given that it started before “clouds”.   When the disk sneezed over the weekend, the site went down.  So I skipped the donut pickup to pick up the pieces of our blog.   We took this as an opportunity to virtualize and update the underlying infrastructure.   I expect there are a few plugins not-quite right, and the title bar is messed up – sorry, Tony.

Once I get it all right, I’ll bring the donuts.