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Deus XLibris

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For about 20 years the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been entertaining science fiction fans with funny commentaries of bad movies. The concept is strangely simple: mad scientists (at various times: Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein, Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl)¬†have launched a man (Joel Hodgeson and later Michael J. Nelson)¬†into space and are forcing him to watch the worst movies ever made. To keep his sanity, the unfortunate spaceman and his robot friends (at various times: Beaulieu, Weinstein, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett and Jim Mallon) make fun of these movies. The original show was canceled about 10 years ago but most of the people involved are still riffing on cheesy movies – “the worst they can find”.

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Shared notetaking tools?

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I am about to start a significant research and writing activity with a co-worker. We will have to organize a bunch of documents, take and share notes, do some searching, etc. The tool should allow us to group and organize notes associated with each document, and perhaps generate some overviews of the collection.

I am looking for recommendations, including pros and cons. We would consider spending a bit of money on this, but obviously free is better. On the other hand, a well-designed, usable interface is worth some investment. Also, I would prefer simplicity to functionality.

CFP: Special Issue of IP&M on Collaborative Information Seeking


Meredith Ringel Morris, Jeremy Pickens and I are editing a Special Issue of Information Processing & Management on Collaborative Information Seeking. Our goal is to bring together papers that describe explicit (intentional) collaboration during various aspects of online information seeking. In contract to recommendation or collaborative filtering work, we are looking for work that describes small groups of people working toward a common goal.

The deadline for submission is May 8, 2009.

More details on the call are available here.