Forecast calls for clouds?


I am curious to play with Microsoft’s Kumo when it comes out. It looks from the screenshot in this CNET article like they’re trying to come up with some aspects to the search, which should make it easier to make sense of large results sets. I am a bit surprised that there isn’t more hype about it, compared, say, with what Wolfram | Alpha was able to generate.

The other interesting bit is how the PowerSet technology will be integrated and what its ultimate impact will be. My interest is not only technical but also personal, as a several of the PowerSet technical staff had worked at FXPAL a few years ago. They’ll probably appreciate the confusion this name is likely to cause us here at FXPAL  in the near future.

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  1. John Boreczky says:

    Bing? Logo that looks like 70s furniture? Ouch. I’m sorry. I won’t tease anymore. It would be cruel. Hopefully the actual search engine is wonderful.

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