High Tech Chocolate: FXPAL at PARC Forum


The PARC Forum last week featured Timothy Childs of TCHO with a cameo appearance by (ahem) me. The talk was part of a “Risk Takers” series at the PARC Forums, hosted by Linda Jacobson (who Timothy and I both knew from Web3D long ago – small world!).

The talk was primarily about TCHO’s re-invention of the chocolate production process, starting with the cacao farmers in countries like Peru and Ghana. The FXPAL/TCHO collaboration, which focuses on applying emerging technologies in a real-world industrial setting (the chocolate factory) is discussed starting at about 23:00 in the streamed video.

Sadly, though we do a lot of multi-modal media and interface work here, we are not yet equipped to provide chocolate tastings on this blog.

Noto bene: you might want to FF past some start-up kerfuffle (recalcitrant new laptop, USB drive troubles, projector connector troubles, finally solved by Ed Chi to the rescue with just the right cable). Talk really starts around 1:30.

Theobromine molecule

Theobromine molecule

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