Eddi-fying tweet browsing


Michael Bernstein and the usual suspects wrote a nice position paper for the CHI2010 microblogging workshop. They describe Eddi, a system that allows people to group tweets by topic to make sense of large numbers of tweets. In some sense, they are addressing a similar problem to the one that Miles Efron and I tackled in our paper. In both cases, the system uses various sorts of analysis to group and filter tweets to help people understand the collection or the stream.

Eddi takes a statistical/datamining approach to understand topics present in a stream; our system uses the structure inherent in the tweets (people, documents, replies) in addition to datamining (matching retweets to tweets) to organize the interface. I am looking forward to the discussion around sensemaking of Twitter data at the workshop. We’ll probably tweet some, too!

Until a demo version is launched, here’s a short video that gives you a sense of the kinds of interactions Eddi supports.

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