Summer Intern Position in HCIR


This is one in a series of posts advertising internship positions at FXPAL for the summer of 2010. A listing of all internship positions currently posted is available here.

The focus of Human-Computer Information Retrieval (HCIR) is to help people find and make sense of the information that satisfies their evolving information needs, and to do so with an emphasis on interaction and not just on clever algorithms that attempt to approximate users’ intent. Over the past couple of years, we have developed some novel information retrieval algorithms such as collaborative search. While we have evaluated the work in various ways (e.g., evaluating algorithms offline and testing with people on artificial information needs), we have not tested them on people with real information needs.

Thus we are looking for an intern to help us build and evaluate a web-based user interface to support collaborative information seeking. The intern will work with a group of researchers with backgrounds in information retrieval and HCI, and will be responsible for building a web-based user interface for existing collaborative search algorithms, and designing experiments to evaluate it. The intern will also be expected to take the lead in writing up this work for publication in a prestigious conference or journal. We have been working in Java and Grails (a dynamic language that runs on the JVM), so familiarity with these frameworks is a plus.

Jeremy Pickens will be the host for this position. For more information on the FXPAL internship program, please visit our web site.


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