Summer Intern position in Data Mining and Visual Search


Update: This intern slot has been filled.

This is one in a series of posts advertising internship positions at FXPAL for the summer of 2010. A listing of all internship positions currently posted is available here.

Making a decision can be difficult. From choosing the right camera to
finding a place to live, people are faced with a dizzying array of
choices on one hand and commentary (in the form of blog posts, reviews, etc.) about their different options on the other. But little scaffolding connects the two. We are interested in how to make those connections in order to help people make decisions using innovative data mining and search techniques integrated with rich, interactive visualizations.

Specifically, this project will involve building a data mining system
capable of extracting useful summaries and metadata from consumer
reviews, and a walk-up-and-use visual interface that makes use of these data to help users browse collections. It is expected that the intern will be responsible for a subset of the system that is tailored to their interests. The intern will be expected to contribute to a paper suitable for IUI or a similar conference that describes the system and their experience designing it.

Prospective candidates should be enrolled in a PhD program and should have some experience with data mining and GUI design. Experience with information retrieval is a plus. Please contact Scott Carter if you are interested in this position. For more information on the FXPAL internship program, please visit our web site.

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