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Summer Intern position in Mobile Awareness

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Update: This intern slot has been filled.

This is the first of a series of posts advertising internship positions at FXPAL for the summer of 2010. Other posts will follow next week. A listing of all internship positions currently posted is available here.

Effective communication among workers is the backbone of any successful organization. It is essential for enabling people to build common ground, to create and develop new ideas, and to develop the complex interpersonal relationships that are critical in helping workers share and combine expertise.

To explore this space, we have been building MyUnity, a new system that aids workers in building group awareness. The system uses multiple sources, both automatic and user-provided, to report colleagues’ location, availability, current tasks, and preferred communication channels. Information is aggregated, fused and presented as a simple presence state for each worker. Workers can independently control what information is collected by the system, allowing them to participate in the system without compromising their privacy.

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