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FindBugs; fix bugs

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This weekend, I came across FindBugs, an interesting application that analyzes Java programs for potential bugs.  It was created by William Pugh at the University of Maryland, who is a four-time JavaOne Rock Star.  Google, for example,  has used his tool for finding problems in their Java code.

FindBugs made plenty of suggestions for some code I’ve been working on, and some of them looked like things that I should fix.  I found one thing in particular of interest.  I’ve been using the following pattern for the lazy instantiation of singletons:

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The Rocky Road to Windows 7


Recently, I decided to upgrade my laptop. After some research, I chose the Lenovo ThinkPad W500. Not much seems to have changed in two years, as it looks almost identical to my old Lenovo ThinkPad T61p. I felt that with the new decade upon us, it was time to move from Windows XP to Windows 7. While setting up the new laptop, I ran into many problems with VPN, Wi-Fi, and usable RAM.

I figured that I would carry over the settings from the old laptop using Windows Easy Transfer. After setting everything up, I couldn’t get VPN to work. It had worked briefly before I installed the old settings and joined the domain. After unsuccessfully trying to figure out why the IPSec virtual adapter wouldn’t load, I decided to blame it on the transfer of my old settings.

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